The Lifestyle Investor

"Lifestyle is personal and should be a reflection of you"



     Believe it or not I'm not really big on talking about myself so I promise to  keep this short and straight to the point. I am a mother, trader, serial investor, and owner of K Venyke Enterprises.  I've tried my hand at various areas of business,  and while I haven't really settled in one particular area, one constant desire was to help inspire others through my work. Daily i strive to become a better version of myself, by surrounding myself with positive, motivated ,like minded people who help push me to do more. I believe that by sharing both my personal and business experiences, I can inspire someone else to follow their own dreams and create the lifestyle of they desire.

 In 2014 I decided to stop chasing the money and focused on the lifestyle i wanted. I sat down and figured out exactly what i wanted out of life and came the conclusion i don't have to be wealthy , just able to afford it.  When i looked at everything i wanted,  i found time was more valuable than money.  In order to have time you need money, so i had to figure out how to generate an income without it taking up too much of my time. I did some research and found a little something called "Lifestyle Entrepreneurship". I chose this model because it allows me to work from anywhere in the world, and doesn't require a lot of my time, allowing for balance between business and personal.    

  When i first entered the self employed scene  in 2009 i became so caught up in the money that i began hating what i was doing . Yes I had more money then but everything revolved around  business and chasing a dollar. I got old real quick and ultimately I became frustrated and had to walk away for my sanity.  I went back in to the work force and happily joined the rate race. It felt good for a while , but the time restraints quickly reminded me why I became my own boss in the first place. So I decided to give my dreams another chance in 2015 and i promised myself i would find a way to do it and and enjoy life at the same time.

 Now my life is all about spreading positive vibes and making memories with my two daughters, close family and friends. They are  just as important to me as being successful in business, because success is nothing if you don't have anyone to share it with. Its not easy , nothing worth having comes easy especially when your trying to live full-time and work part-time. Just know that Its possible as long as you remain focused and committed to the journey.  I hope by sharing my journey I've  inspired someone to start their own. Thanks for reading and as always remeber to

"Be You, Just Better" -Krys



Photographer: Humble Lyons