The Lifestyle Investor

"Lifestyle is personal and should be a reflection of you"

Why Should you invest? 


Beat Inflation, Prepare for Retirement, & Generate Wealth


Let me start by saying I am not a licensed professional, however that is something I'm working towards currently

Now because I'm not I CAN NOT legally tell you what to invest in but I CAN SHARE with you what's working for me.

 The key to making it all work is going to be consistency in budgeting & saving. Start by asking yourself "what can you comfortably commit to saving on a monthly basis after paying all of your "necessary" bills ,and saving money in your emergency account. What ever that amount is start saving it monthly and depending on the amount you can then decide to invest monthly, quarterly , or yearly.

When investing you have to look at this as a long term thing. So don't invest money you will need in the next 12-24 months. If you want to see this turn into six or even seven figures over time you will have to be patient and consistent in your investing. You must also be willing to ride the ups and downs. There will be bad days, weeks or even months but that's why we are long term investors. You must look at the over all picture

When I got started i took a very basic approach to investing, kept everything super simple. Everyone's situation and Lifestyle goals are different so of course how much and how aggressive you are with investing will depend on your own goals. Below is just a basic start to investing, it doesn't require a lot of time and management and or a lot of money to get started. The key is consistency here. As your income, accounts, and knowledge grow you will be able to get into more advanced and hands on investing.


Beginners Investment strategy

Personally I invest quarterly so every 3 months. I have a savings account that I deposit money into weekly, then every three months I break the balance up in to the following categories, again this is just how i do it, you can contribute to all or just a few and , as little or as much as you want to them. Check out the resources page for my top investing vehicles.

1. Stocks and ETFS

2. Crytpto Currency

3. Real Estate

4. Precious Metals


YES!! There is risk in investing, however when your portfolio is diversified and you practice proper money management you can lower your risk tremendously.