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The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.
— Mark Zuckerberg

Gold is security for you and your family. Start protecting your households’ future - sooner is better than later, as the price of gold only increases.

Gold is money

Gold is and has been globally accepted in more than 194 countries for centuries, thus establishing itself as a form of currency.

Top reasons to buy gold:

1. Gold offers protection against inflation and currency reform.
2. Gold bars are global cash.
3. Gold in a time of crisis is a stable investment.
4. Gold is and will remain unimpaired, as limited resources which are not reproducible.
5. Global demand for gold is higher than its supply.
6. The purchase and sale of investment gold is exempt from VAT.




Whether you are saving for retirement, a new home, or your child's education, there is an option for you. Choose from 8 different account types, built with low fees and tax-efficiency in mind.

Why use E-trade?

Their automated service allows you to take a "set it and forget it" attitude towards your investment. Be confident knowing that our team of professionals will be looking after the routine housekeeping tasks that are crucial for any investing strategy.


 Hands Free Real Estate Investing 

When you invest on Fundrise, your money is in the hands of real estate experts with over 75 years and $5 billion of combined professional experience. They are firmly committed to maintaining their  standards for quality – each investment is subjected to a thorough underwriting process and fewer than 2% are approved.  Fundrise uses predictive analytics and proprietary due diligence technology to review a large volume of deals while maintaining our standards.


what is cryptocurrency?

Digital currency could revolutionize how we interact with all forms of liquidity. While it is unlikely that fiat currency will be subsumed or overtaken by the digital mint, it’s quite possible that these currencies will see greater integration with our current systems.

At the very least, cryptocurrency is seeing a meteoric rise in the short-term. What the future holds for digital currency is uncertain. Currently, there is a cautious sort of endorsement for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Some speculators are pouring their cash into speedier alternatives, such as Litecoin and Dash.